Before filling the Application form read the Instruction carefully


(I) Change of Allotment
(II) Transfer of Ownership
(III) Pre-possession transfer of ownership of the House /Shop/Plot /SCR./Flat

  1. Application is to be made in the prescribed Application Form (Proforma -Annexure -I)
    1. Processing fees  to be paid  in  cash in  Vijaya  Bank, OGNBC  Branch, OSHB, Head  Office, Bhubaneswar /Rourkela Branch Office, Rourkela.
    2. Processing fees to be paid in  Draft favoring "Odisha Housing Board  Fund" payable  at Bhubaneswar.
    3. The required processing fees for different category are as follows:

           The processing fee will be charged@ 15% the prevailing bench mark value of the land, fixed by Govt. in the scheme area, irrespective of execution of lease deed or not, by the original allottee I Transferor Non with GST. The above rate shall not be less than the minimum processing fees as under for different categories:  

    Category of House/Plot/Flat

    Housing  Schemes at Cuttack/
    Bhubaneswar/Rourkela (in Rs.)

    Housing Schemes  at other
    Districts (in Rs.)


    15,000/- + GST (18%)

    10,000/- + GST (18%)

    L.I.G I 1     BR Flat

    20,000/- +GST (18%)

    15,000/- GST (18%)

    M .I.G I 2 BR Flat

    50,000/- + GST (18%)

    30,000/- + GST ( 18)

    H.I.G I 3 BR & above Flat

    1,00,000/- + GST (18%)

    60,000/- + GST (18%)


    30,000/- +GST ( 18%)

    15,000/- + GST (18%)

    The allottee will have to pay the processing fee as per the normal rate of 15% of bench mark value of the land or minimum processing fee, whichever is higher.
  2. Indemnity Bond and Affidavit of the allottee is required in case of the House /Shop/Plot/SCR/ Flat where  lease-cum-sale deed has not been executed, because lease deed has not been executed with  Govt. by OSHB.
  3. In case of Flats where category have not been mentioned.
    1BR - L1G 2BR - MIG. 3HR/4BR - HIG
  4. Copy of Deposit Advice Slip is le be enclosed.
  5. Attested recent Passport size photograph of both the transferor and transferee.
  6. Annual Income Limited of the Transferor and transferee.
    • EWS Upto 1,80,000/-per annum
    • LIG Upto 1 ,80,000/- to 3,60,000/- per annum
    • MIG 3,60,000/- and above.
    • HIG 3,60,000 and above
  7. Original money receipt of the application form is to be enclosed.
  8. In case of any encroachment of Govt.  land/OSHB Land beyond the allorted area, no permission of transfer I change of ownership will be allowed.
  9. P.H. clearance certificate from P.E. (P.H} OSHB towards payment of water tariff dues to the Board, if applicable.
  10. Allottees. / Prospective buyers are requested to resist their temptation in paying illegal grati-fication for this work to anybody
  11. Transfer  of ownership  can be allowed  after completion  of two years  from  the date of taking  of physical possession  of the House /Plot/SCR/Shop/Flat.
  12. After transfer of allotment made by OSHB, it shall not entitle the family for further allotment.

Required document's & formart for online application

  1. Affidavit (in original of the transferee)- Annexure -A.
  2. Attested photo copy ofthe registered lease-cum-sale deed.
  3. Declaration of the present market value of the House: Shop I Plot I SCR I Flat by both the transferor and transferee and an undertaking that they will bear the stamp duty and Registration charges -Annexure -B.
  4. .Affidavit (in original ) of the Transferor - Annexure - C ( in case where the lease deed has not been executed ).
  5. Indemnity Bond (in original of the transferor -Annexure - D ( in case w1'ere the Iease deed has not been executed).
  6. Original clearance certificate from Employer I Bank /Financial Institution atongwith Original No Objection Certificate issued by OSHB in cases where the House/ Shop/Plot/SCR /Flat has been mortgaged.
  7. Aattested specimen signature of the transferor end transferee.
  8. Photo copy of allotment letter/possession order/lease-cum-sate deed duly attested by a Gazetted Officer.
  9. Attested recent passport size photograph of the transferor and trnnsferee.
  10. Undertaking by the allottee that he I she has not mortgaged the property anywhere and it is free from all encwnbrances and that he/she has not given any Power of Attorney to anybody against the House I Shop I Plot I SCR I Flat - Annexure- E.
  11. Undertaking by the allottee that he I she has not encroached any Govt./ Board's land- Annexure - F.
  12. Undertaking by the transferee that he I she is fully aware of the undertaking givn by the allonee - Anrexure-G.
  13. P.H. Clearance Certificate from P. E (PH), OSHI3 towards payment of water tariff dues to the Board, if applicable.
  14. Affidavit by the allottee regarding non-possession of dual I multiple allotment by he /she or his/her family as per Annexure -H.
  15. ID Proof (Aadhar Card/Voter ID Card) of Transfer and transferee

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