Developed Housing Plots

Jagannath Prasad, Bhubaneswar
MIG, LMIG, LIG & EWS Categories
Registered Under ORERA

Build your Own Home in the Lap of Nature

01. Introduction

Odisha State Housing Board (OSHB), a Govt. of Odisha undertaking and the premier housing institution of the State, is taking up one project to provide developed Housing Plots for MIG, LMIG, LIG & EWS categories named “Vasudev Vihar” with the provision of 206 nos. of plots over leasehold Government land in Jagannath Prasad mouza, Bhubaneswar under self-financing / Outright Purchase basis.

02. Location

The site is located at a distance of 10 minutes drive from the Kalinga Studio Square, near the proposed site for ESI Hospital, on the main road to Chandaka. It is well connected to the main city and surrounded by health centres, educational institutions like the Institute of Mathematics and market etc. The proposed 100 ft. CDP Road passed through this scheme land with excellent scope for future growth and connectivity.

03. Scheme Profile

The project is registered under ORERA with Regd. No. RP/19/2021/00622. The project period is 18 months from the date of allotment by OSHB, more specifically to be communicated in the allotment letter. The project consists of 206 plots i.e. MIG-74 nos., LMIG-59 nos., LIG-32 nos. & EWS-41 nos., out of which this present offer is for sale of 166 number plots as under. The balance 40 nos. of MIG Plots (MIG Plot No. 01 to 40) will be sold at a later stage through advertisement in newspapers.

Catagory of Plots No. of Unit Standard Plot Area (in sqft.) Unit Cost ( in Rs.) E.M.D. (in Rs.)
MIG 34 1,200 (30’x40’) 23,80,000/- 2,38,000/-
LMIG 59 1,000 (25’x40’) 19,55,000/- 1,95,000/-
LIG 32 600 (20’x30’) 11,21,000/- 1,12,000/-
EWS 41 450 (15’x30’) 7,76,000/- 77,000/-
Total 166
  • The unit cost is applicable for the standard plot area. In case of any plot having extra plot area, the proportionate cost will be realised from the allottee before possession.
  • EMD (Earnest Money Deposit) shall not carry any interest and will be adjusted against unit cost after allotment. The balance cost (excluding EMD) will be payable in 04 (four) number of quarterly installments, as per schedule to be intimated by OSHB in allotment letter.
  • The unit cost is excluding GST and other incidental charges towards Stamp Duty, Registration etc. GST is to be paid along with the installment amount. GST on EMD/Full Cost will be collected after allotment.
  • In the case of allotment of corner plots, the allottee will have to pay 10% extra cost along with applicable GST, in addition to the unit cost of the plot.
  • Preference in Allotment to Outright Purchase Applicants in each category of allotment who opt to deposit Full Cost with Application during Booking Period.

04. Scheme Specification / Infrastructure Facilities

Plot Boundary

The housing plots will be developed with boundaries up to one-foot height from ground level with fly ash brick masonry work. The property line of each plot will be taken as the centre to centre distance of the common boundary wall.

External Electrification

Provision of power supply to the area with the installation of transformers and LED street lights. The system will be handed over to the concerned Authority as applicable after completion of the scheme.

Open Areas

Ample open space within the scheme area and utility space for arboriculture and public utility with the construction of the compound wall around the earmarked area.

External Water Supply

Water supply to individual plots through piped water supply system. Individual plots will be provided with a ferrule connection up to the demarcated boundary with a connection point.

Internal Roads & Drain

Concrete roads with RCC drain and RCC culverts. Allottees/plot owners will have to take up the work for the septic tank on their own as per their choice and approved drawing. The internal road is open to the general public of the peripheral area around the scheme.

100 ft. CDP Road

The proposed 100 ft. CDP road passes through the scheme area has been provided in the layout, the development of which will be done by Govt./concerned Authorities, as and when deemed fit, which has to be accepted by the allottees. OSHB has no role for the same.

05. Eligibility of Applicants

  • The applicant must be a citizen of India and a major.
  • In the case of a minor child, the natural parents, de facto guardian or guardians appointed by the competent Court shall be eligible to apply.
  • One family shall be eligible for only one allotment under any housing scheme in the locality. For this purpose, “Family” comprises of husband, wife and minor children.
  • He/She or his/her family members should not own/have been allotted any residential plot/ house/ flat/ SCR by Odisha State Housing Board or any other Govt. Agency in the locality, where “Vasudev Vihar - the scheme for Developed Housing Plot” is proposed to be undertaken.
  • Any family purchasing a residential plot/ house/ flat/ SCR under any scheme floated by Odisha State Housing Board or any other Govt. Agency under third party transfer, within the locality, where “Vasudev Vihar - the scheme for Developed Housing Plot” is proposed to be undertaken, shall be deemed as an allottee under the scheme and shall not be eligible to apply in this scheme floated by OSHB.
  • In case of transfer of allotment of a residential plot/ house/ flat/ SCR made by Odisha State Housing Board or any other Govt. Agency within the locality, where "Vasudev Vihar-the scheme for Developed Housing Plot" is proposed to be undertaken by the OSHB, it shall not entitle the family for further allotment in this scheme.
  • The term “Locality” as referred in the above clauses means BDA jurisdiction area.
  • Any allotment made but cancelled due to non-payment of dues/suppression of facts/ violation of any other term & conditions of allotment / Agreement with OSHB or for any other reasons, the family shall not be entitled to further allotment under this scheme.
  • Income eligibility criteria : Annual income is to be shown by self-declaration in the application form and in the affidavit to be sworn before Executive Magistrate/Notary Public.
    • EWS: Family income up to Rs.1,80,000/- per annum.
    • LIG: Family income from Rs.1,80,001/- to Rs.3,60,000/- per annum.
    • MIG/LMIG: Family income above Rs. 3,60,001/- per annum.
  • Joint application is only permitted within family members. For this purpose, “Family” comprises of husband, wife and minor children.

06. Number of units in different categories for Allotment

  • As per Allotment Regulation of the Board, the reservation in allotment for MIG, LMIG, LIG & EWS categories of applicants is as under:
SI.No Category Percentage of Reservation
01 General Public 55
02 Employee 20
03 Retired Employee 05
04 SC/ST 08
05 Defence/Ex-Serviceman 08
06 Disabled Person 02
07 Freedom Fighter 02
  • This present offer is for sale of 166 numbers of plots and the number of units in each category is as under.
SI.No Category of applicants MIG LMIG LIG EWS
01 General Public 18 32 18 23
02 Employee 6 12 6 8
03 Retired Employee 2 3 2 2
04 SC/ST 3 5 2 3
05 Defence/Ex-Serviceman 3 5 2 3
06 Disabled Person 1 1 1 1
07 Freedom Fighter 1 1 1 1
Total 34 59 32 41
  • Employee includes employee of State Govt., Central Govt. and Undertakings, Local Authority, Corporation controlled by Central Govt. & State Govt.
  • The persons claiming reservation should furnish necessary documents along with their application to prove their claim. Non-submission of the required document will disqualify the applicant for reservation and the applicant will be included among General Public Category. The applicant has to opt for single category in the appropriate column of the Application Form. If an applicant opts for more than one category, then first one will be taken into consideration.
  • In case the numbers of applicants are less than the number of units in a particular category, all the eligible applicants will be accommodated, as per decision of Chairman of OSHB. Similarly, in case of all the categories, except “General”, if less number of applications against number of units is received, the vacant units will be added to General category for allotment.

07. Allotment Terms & Conditions

  • While submitting application to purchase any plot in this scheme, the applicant should satisfy himself about the provisions in the scheme as mentioned in the brochure and after exercising due diligence about location and other facilities.
  • In case of violation of any terms and conditions of allotment in the brochure/allotment order by the allottees, the allotment will be liable for cancellation.
  • It is expressly understood that, the allotment is made by OSHB in true spirit and good faith, based on the information furnished by the applicant in the affidavit and application form submitted by him/her. If at any time, it is found that the allottee(s) has made any misrepresentation or false statement in his/her application/affidavit, the Board shall have the right to cancel the allotment and take possession of the allotted plot. In the event of such cancellation, EMD will be forfeited along with initiation of criminal proceedings against the allottees.
I. Allotment Procedure
  • Allotment of plots will be made as per the extant rules of the Board. In case the no. of applications are more than the no. of units available in the respective category of applicants, the plots will be allotted by mode of lottery in a transparent manner amongst the eligible applicants.
  • Preference in allotment will be given to Outright Purchase Applicants in each category as at Point 06, who opt to deposit full cost with application during Booking Period. In case of more such Outright Purchase Applicants against No. of Plots in respective category, the selection will be decided by Drawal of Lottery amongst them.
  • Only after selection of Outright Purchase Applicants, the case of normal self-financing applicants (who apply with EMD) will be considered for lottery subject to availability.
  • Particular plot no. will also be allotted through the lottery. The lottery will be done in two stages i.e. 1st for the finalisation of successful applicants and 2nd for the allotment of a particular plot in favour of the successful applicant.
II. Refund/ Withdrawal/ Cancellation
  • Applicant must fill the particulars of his/her own Bank Account details correctly in the specified place in the application form so that the refund of money can be done online to the unsuccessful applicants. For any incorrect/wrong figures, OSHB shall not be held responsible for the refunded amount.
  • The processing fees, cost of the brochure, GST paid by applicants/allottees will not be refunded in any case.
  • If any applicant withdraws from the scheme before issue of allotment order, only the EMD will be refunded without interest after lump-sum deduction of Rs.20,000/- for MIG, Rs.15,000/- for LMIG, Rs.10,000/- for LIG & Rs.5,000/- for EWS category.
  • After allotment, in case of refunds due to voluntary withdrawal/ cancellation due to default or any reason; the following amounts will be deducted from the deposits and the balance available amount will be refunded.
Category of Plots Amount to be deducted in case of refunds
MIG 1,20,000/
LMIG 1,00,000/-
LIG 60,000/-
EWS 40,000/-
  • An allottee is free to withdraw in case of delay in getting possession of the plot beyond five years from the date of allotment. In such case, the full deposited amount will be refunded with interest @10.45%, except the non-refundable processing fee & GST.
  • The EMD of the unsuccessful applicants will be refunded without interest through Cheque/NEFT/RTGS in favour of the applicant within two months from the date of the lottery.
III. Delivery of Possession
  • While taking delivery of the plot, the allottee has to give an undertaking in the shape of an Affidavit, to be submitted before taking over possession of the plot that, he/she is taking possession of the plot after exercising due diligence about the quality of construction work and other facilities. He/she shall not raise any objection thereafter in respect of the allotted plot.
  • An allottee is required to take possession of the allotted plot within the stipulated date after execution of deed/agreement for advance possession, containing the terms and conditions of allotment. Watch and ward charges @ Rs.5,000/- per month will be levied for the period of delay in taking possession by the allottee and allotment will be liable for cancellation for delay beyond 6 months.
IV. Execution of Lease Deed
  • The scheme will be taken up on leasehold land from the State Govt. After payment of full cost by the allottees, they will execute the lease deed with OSHB and Stamp duty, Registration charges and other miscellaneous dues will be borne by the allottees as per prevailing rate.
V. Transfer of Ownership
  • Transfer of ownership shall only be permitted to any 3rd party as per extant rules of OSHB from time to time only after the expiry of 02 (two) years from the date of taking over possession of the plot and execution of Lease Deed in respect of the plot with clearance of all the dues. Such transfer shall be allowed on payment of required charges as per the OSHB Rules and Regulation and compliance of all requirements, as amended from time to time.
VI. Other Terms & Conditions
  • No interest will be paid by the Board in case of advance payment of EMD/Installment and also in case of delay in handing over due to factors beyond the control of OSHB.
  • The allottees, who opt to avail housing loan from any bank/Employer, may apply for NOC (No Objection Certificate) in the prescribed form along with requisite processing fees & document only after allotment of the plot.
  • For default in payment of installment, simple interest @10.45% p.a. or at highest prevailing SBI MCLR rate +2%, whichever is higher, and GST as applicable from time to time on overdue amount will be charged for the defaulted period and the allotment may be cancelled for default in two consecutive installments.
  • The allottee(s) shall not use the plot for such activities, which are likely to cause nuisance, annoyance or disturbance to other occupants of the colony or those activities, which are against the law or any directive of the Govt. or the Local Authority. In such cases, the allotment is liable for cancellation.
  • The allottee(s) shall always use the plot for residence purpose only and shall not store any goods of hazardous or combustible nature or which can cause damage to the structure and/or plot of other occupants or the equipment in the colony or shall not use the asset for criminal or illegal activities or activities prohibited under law of the land.
  • The allottee(s) shall abide by the laws of the land, including the local laws and directions of the Statutory Authorities and terms and conditions of allotment. In case any penalty or fine is imposed by any Government / Statutory or other Local Authority for violation of any law by the allottee(s), the same shall be paid and satisfied by the allottee(s).
  • The allottee has to submit an undertaking in the shape of an Affidavit, before taking over possession of the plot that,
    • He/she shall not divide /sub-divide the allotted plot in any manner and shall not strictly make any encroachment beyond the allotted plot area or additions or alterations to the plot or in the common area which may cause an interruption in the usage of the common areas and facilities within the project. Any such action by him/her will straight away entail cancellation of allotment.
    • He / She shall utilize the allotted plot for residential use within 03 years from the date of taking over possession, by constructing a residential house after obtaining necessary approvals from the Competent Authority, failing which the allotment of the plot will be cancelled, and OSHB will take over the possession.
  • Allottees will take electric connection directly from TPCODL on their own, after taking possession of the plot by depositing required fees to them.
  • The street lights will be charged and the water supply pump house will be made functional only after completion of handover of 75% of plots to allottees.
  • Scheme specifications mentioned in the brochure may undergo changes as per field requirements during execution.
  • There may be minor variations in the dimension of the plots due to technical requirements in the field.
  • The allottee has to pay the proportionate cost of the extra plot area over the advertised/standard plot area if any.
  • In case of any dispute regarding the meaning and interpretation of any word(s), clause(s) in this brochure, the decision of Chairman, OSHB by way of clarification is final and binding on the applicants/allottees.
  • The Authority reserves the right to cancel the offer at any stage without assigning any reason thereof.
  • OSHB reserves the right to withdraw from or add to its offer of number of units/change specification of units / change certain conditions in the Brochure for the interest of project completion which shall be binding on the applicants/allottees.
  • The photographs & schematic drawings in this brochure are for illustration purpose only.
  • All taxes, duties and other Govt. levies, if any, as applicable from time to time shall be solely borne by the allottees.
  • All matters pertaining to the sale/registration of plot shall be subject to jurisdiction of the concerned office of District Sub-Registrar, Bhubaneswar.
  • Any legal dispute, arising out of and concerning allotment and brochure condition shall be within the jurisdiction of Bhubaneswar only.
  • In the case of Housing Loan finance from UCO Bank, the applicant is required to apply through the concerned bank and refunds will be directly sent to the financing bank only, after due deductions.
VII. Formation of Association of Allottees

Before taking over possession, during the process of allotment, the allottees will have to form an Association for the management, upkeep and maintenance of common facilities and services. It is mandatory and binding on all the allottees to be a member of the Association/Society. OSHB shall have no responsibility towards maintenance of common facilities and services after completion/expiry of 12 months period from the date of issue of first possession in the scheme to any allottee. The subsequent monthly fees after the first year will be fixed by the Association/Society. A sum of Rs.20,000/- for MIG, Rs.15,000/- for LMIG, Rs.12,000/- for LIG & Rs.10,000/- for EWS towards One year maintenance of utility is to be paid by allottees before handover of plots.

08. Application Procedure

I. Purchase of Brochure
  • The brochure containing relevant information, terms and conditions with prescribed Application Form can be bought from Accounts section of OSHB Head Office on payment of Rs.1,050/- (Rupees one thousand fifty) only (including GST) by cash.
  • The brochure can also be downloaded from the OSHB website and a sum of Rs.1,050/- towards the cost of the brochure will have to be paid, at the time of submission of the application along with the EMD.
II. Amount to pay with filled in Application
  • The applicants are required to deposit the following amount with the filled-in application before the closing of the booking period for enlistment in the scheme.
Category of Plots E.M.D (in Rs.) Processing Fees with GST (Rs.) Total booking amount under Self-finanacing (Rs.) Total booking amount under Outright purchase (Rs.)
MIG 2,38,000/- 5,900/- 2,43,900/- 23,85,900/-
LMIG 1,95,000/- 4,720/- 1,99,720/- 19,59,720/-
LIG 1,12,000/- 3,540/- 1,15540/- 11,24,540/-
EWS 77,000/- 2360/- 79,360/- 7,78,360/-
  • If the applicant downloads the application form, he/she has to add Rs.1,050/- to the above amount towards cost of Application Form, at the time of submission.
III. Mode of Payment

An applicant may deposit EMD/Full Cost and other dues in any of the following modes.

(a) Demand Draft

The applicant can make a Demand Draft for all the deposits in a single transaction drawn on any Commercial Bank in favour of “Orissa Housing Board Fund” payable at Bhubaneswar.

(b) Online to designated Bank Account

The applicant can make payment through NEFT/ RTGS in favour of the following bank account in a single transaction, from his/her savings bank account.

Bank Name : UCO Bank, Ashoka Market Branch

Bank Account Name : Orissa State Housing Board

Bank A/C No. : 17850210005095

Bank IFSC Code : UCBA0001785

(The online payment deposit slip with UTR/Reference Number is to be attached with the filled-in application).

(c) Payment Gateway

The applicant can also pay the above deposits through the UCO BANK Payment Gateway System of OSHB, available on the official website.

IV. Submission of filled-in Application

The applicant may submit the application through the OSHB website in online mode or submit the hard copy of the application in offline mode.

(a) Online Procedure

The applicants can submit the filled-in application in online mode through the official website, by following instructions carefully. The total process of downloading and filling up the application form will be through the website of OSHB. The procedure is as under.

  • Go to the official website
  • Click on the “Vasudev Vihar” button
  • Go through the scheme brief and download the brochure for detailed information.
  • Click online application.
  • Fill up the form by uploading the scanned copies of the following documents. Attachment in any format other than that specified below will be considered as a non-submission of documents.
    • Payment Confirmation Receipt and Transaction No. in PDF format (less than 1MB) in case of NEFT/RTGS.
    • Scanned copy of Affidavit made on stamp paper worth Rs.20/- in the prescribed format as given in application form in PDF format (less than 1MB).
    • Scanned copy of identity proof in PDF format (less than 1 MB).
    • Scanned copy of the residential proof in PDF format (less than 1 MB)
    • Scanned copy of the document in support of claim for preference/reservation in a particular category of allotment in PDF format (less than 2 MB)
    • Scanned Passport size photograph of the applicant (size less than 2 MB) in JPG/PNG format.
    • Scanned image of Signature (Size less than 2 MB) in JPG/PNG format.
  • Click submit button.
  • After click submit button, the page will open to the Payment Gateway to deposit the total Booking Amount, if the Applicant has opted for Payment Gateway option. In case of NEFT/RTGS, only Payment Confirmation Receipt has to be uploaded, as at (i).
  • Deposit the required booking amount as mentioned through the UCO BANK payment gateway system available in office website.
  • After submission of the online application, a confirmation mail will be given to the Email provided in the application form.
  • The applicant is required to submit the original documents, after successful selection in the lottery before the issue of allotment letter.
  • For any clarification regarding the procedure of submitting online application, please contact :

AAO (Computer) - Mob. No. : 94371 71704

(b) Offline Procedure

  • Applicants can purchase the brochure from OSHB Head office, fill up the application form with details along with required documents.
  • He/She can deposit the total booking amount through Demand Draft as mentioned above and submit it in person at Head office.
  • In case the applicant opts to pay through NEFT/RTGS, he/she may do so and submit the online payment deposit slip with UTR/Reference Number.
  • He/she has to submit the following documents in original.
    • Original affidavit on stamp paper worth Rs.20/ in prescribed format sworn in before the Executive Magistrate/ Notary Public.
    • Original Money Receipt in support of the purchase of Application Form.
    • Self-attested recent passport size photograph, affixed on the application.
    • Self-attested copy of Voter ID/PAN Card/Aadhar Card as proof of identity.
    • Self-attested copy of Electricity Bill / Bank Pass Book in support of proof of residence.
    • One cancelled cheque of the applicant’s bank account for reference.
    • Self-attested copy of document in support of claim for preference/reservation in specific category of allotment.
    • Any other document as felt necessary.
  • The filled-in Application Form with complete details (Annexure-I) must be submitted in the Head office of OSHB before the closing of booking period.
  • Applicant can also send the form along with documents & deposits through Registered post to the address mentioned in clause-10 under “Address for Correspondence”. Applications received by post beyond the booking period will not be entertained and OSHB shall not be responsible for any postal delay.
  • In case the last date of booking for receipt of application is declared as Govt. holiday, the last date of receipt will be the next working day.
  • Applications received without full particulars, EMD, Processing Fees with GST, original Money receipt and other documents shall be rejected summarily.
  • For any clarification regarding submission of application form please contact the Officials at Head Office.
09. Force Majeure

If the project is delayed for reasons of “Force Majeure” which inter alia include delay on account of non-availability of building material/ labour or water supply or electric power or slow down / strike or due to dispute with the construction agency employed by OSHB, civil commotion or war or criminal action or earthquake or any act of God, delay in certain decision/clearances from the statutory bodies or any notice, order, rule or notification of the Govt. or any other public or competent Authority or for any other reason beyond the control of OSHB and in any of the aforesaid events, OSHB shall be entitled to a reasonable extension of time stipulated for delivery of possession of the asset. OSHB also reserves the right to alter any term or condition of allotment in the event of any such contingencies, as aforesaid and if the circumstances are beyond the control of the Authority, it may defer or suspend the scheme for such period as it may consider expedient and the allottee agrees that in such an event, no compensation or damage of any nature whatsoever will be claimed by the allottee for such delay or suspension.

10. Address for correspondence

All correspondences shall be made to

Housing Commissioner-cum-Secretary

Odisha State Housing Board

A/32, Kharavela Nagar, Sachivalaya Marg, Bhubaneswar-751 001

Phone No. : (0674) 2393524/ 2392587/ 2393277

EPBAX : (0674) 2391542, 2390141 - Ext. : 147, 160, 134

FAX : (0674) 2393952

Website :

11. For Further Details please contact

Mr. B. Mallick, A.A.O (Scheme) - 8598 97 5497

Er. N. Majhi, Executive Engineer, Divn.-I - 7008 79 2191

Mr. Ranjan Rout, Accounts Officer - 7978 74 3866

Mr. Sambudha Mohanty, A.A.O (Urban) - 943 7171 704

OSHB has made arrangement with UCO Bank (Contact Mr. Nihar Ranjan Satapathy, Mob : 7008 1500 87, Mr. Prabhat Sahoo, Mob. : 7978 755 211) for loan financing to applicants at the discretion of the bank, subject to their eligibility as per the terms of Bank.

Booking Opens on 08.04.2022

Booking Closes on 09.05.2022

(During Working Hour)

Building Houses . Building Odisha

The Odisha State Housing Board was set up in the year 1968 by an Act of State Legislature, with prime objective for providing affordable accommodation both in urban & rural areas, to alleviate the acute shortage of housing in the State.

In its successful journey of fifty years, OSHB has constructed about 31,765 nos. of dwelling units, shops in different districts of the state. Around 59% of the total units constitute EWS and LIG Houses, catering to the poor and needy sections of the society. OSHB has a major role in planned urbanisation in the capital city of Bhubaneswar, Rourkela and other towns. Besides, the Board has also undertaken housing projects under self-financing schemes. Rental housing schemes for Govt. Employees at Bhubaneswar and Sundargarh, various deposit works of State Govt. Further, the Board had also taken up a massive Rural Housing programme “Kalinga Kutira Project” in the State by financing about 20,000 beneficiaries for construction of fire-proof roof houses during 1990-95.

Salient Features of the Housing Projects of the Board

  • Litigation free land with Houses in prime locations at affordable cost.
  • Affordable payment facilities for allottees.
  • Opportunity to stay in a colony of choice determined by socio-economic cultural aspirations.
  • Well-planned infrastructure facilities such as roads, drain, electrification, drinking water facility, parking, shopping complexes etc.

On-going Projects of OSHB


  • Kharavela Enclave, Jagamara
  • Subhadra Enclave
    Multi-storeyed Apartment Projects at
    Dumduma, Phase- III


  • Anugul Enclave, Angul.

Up-coming Projects of OSHB


  • Multi-storeyed Apartment Project of Ranasinghpur, Phase-II
  • Residential Project at Suango (Near AIIMS)
  • Residential Project at Patrapada (Near AIIMS)


  • Residential Project at Raghunathpur Berhampur


  • Multi-Storeyed Residential Apartment at Basanti Colony.
  • Commercial-Cum-Residential Complex, Basanti Colony

At Your Service for last 54 successful years

Sj. Naveen Patnaik
Hon’ble Chief Minister, Odisha

Shri Pratap Jena
Hon’ble Minister
Housing & Urban Development,
Panchayati Raj & Drinking Water, Law, Govt. of Odisha

Shri Priyadarshi Mishra
Hon’ble Chairman
Odisha State Housing Board